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Really nice food all around, prices are great and staff are professional.

Walt, 18Jul18

It's too hot to cook so I took a long, cold deep breath and decided to Ooooooorder from hot-spot, their prices are cooooooool and thier food is awesome.

Ian, 14Jul18


Jodie, 10Jul18

Never have a problem with the food it's always enjoyed very much and is great value for money, fast delivery and friendly staff

Lisa, 03Jul18

Superb food great price and quality

Andrew, 28Jun18

Great as per usual.

David, 26Jun18

Lovely food and is always consistently

James, 24Jun18

MmmHmmm... Cookin’ an’ cleaning after a hard day at the salon gettin’ ma nails did? Oh hell no, ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat! Hotspot is the key! Get my chicken on! You better not be lookin’ at my chicken!

Sista Latrice, 23Jun18

All the time

Cabbie, 21Jun18

30 min delivery. Fresh, hot food. Good quality.

Sam, 21Jun18

Order quite often from here and always love the food and service

Lisa, 20Jun18

Food is excellent my favourite curry house ☺

Claire, 19Jun18


Valerie, 18Jun18

Food ok

Stella, 17Jun18

Food ok

Stella, 17Jun18

After my shift at the cab office, came home didn't I to find that Todd and Jason hadn't defrosted the chicken. I'll flamin' kill them I will. Had to order a HotSpot instead which went down a treat with my bottle of wine!

Eileen Grimshaw, 16Jun18

After a binge on the wine and Stella Artois I need a good chunk of chicken and curry to appease the booze gods.

Jane, 12Jun18

excellent food and speedy delivery thank you

Valerie, 11Jun18

WOW the MEGA KEBAB!!!!!! Hot’ve hit the spot. Absolutely awesome

Pete, 10Jun18

After a long day workin' in the big hall, big day, big hall, I need me a HotSpot.

Big Hall, 10Jun18


Ben, 08Jun18


Pete, 08Jun18

By royal decree of the new member of the royal family, Her Royal Highness Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (Meghan Markle) I do declare this food EXEMPLARY. Bravo, bravo! I only eat once every 5 years, but when I do, it's definitely HotSpot.

Meghan Duchess Of Sussex, 07Jun18


David, 05Jun18

What? Hello? Is it’s on? Yes, great take a way, my favourite.

Coarbis , 04Jun18

Nice tasty, fresh food. Good price. Extremely fast delivery time. Very pleased. I will be ordering from here again.

Sam, 03Jun18